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In 2019, a group of women across Delhi and Mumbai started discussing the shocking statistics surrounding India’s gender employment gap. Despite evidence of women free-falling out of the workforce, no one was publicly ready to talk about this huge issue, or support women to take action to change it. And so, never ones to shy away from a tough topic, Women in Labour was born - so to speak.

With a trademark mix of comedy, analysis, and expert advice, Women In Labour tackles issues of women, work, family, power and a host of taboo topics in between. The Women In Labour podcast, hosted by stand-up star Aditi Mittal and award-winning journalist and filmmaker Christina MacGillivray, kicked of Season 2 in the summer of 2022.

In a post-pandemic world, the problem of India's women dropping out of work has only deepened. Urgent action is needed to rebalance the country’s workforce, leaving us asking the question: what can we actually do about it? How can we ensure that women across India are able to join and stay in the workforce while managing home lives and work lives side-by-side?

Women in Labour is for all women, whether working inside or outside the home, and for every gender that wants to see women thrive in every walk of life. Since our first season, the podcast  has grown into a media platform that uses comedy and entertainment to bring to light challenging issues around women and work - and drive conversations forward in workplaces and homes.

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CHRISTINA MACGILLIVRAY is an award-winning filmmaker and journalist, hailing from Minnesota and resident of Delhi for over ten years. She works extensively with the UN and is the founder of Mummy Daddy Media. She's also a self-confessed nerd of the highest order.
ADITI MITTAL is a writer, director and one of India's top comic talents. She has starred in two Netflix specials and multiple successful global shows. Sharp, cutting and compassionate, Aditi loves nothing more than inappropriate oversharing with people she doesn't know.


Co-founder & Executive Producer: Christina MacGillivray
Co-founder & Executive Producer: Laura Quinn

Host and Executive Producer: Aditi Mittal

Chief of Staff: Priya Kapoor
Marketing Director: Maanya Sachdeva

Graphic Design: Pallavi A.
Head of Production: Mae Mariyam Thomas
Senior Producer: Divita Oberoi
Mix Engineer: Kartik Kulkarni
Junior Producer: Nikkethana Kamal
Junior Editor: Yash Hirave

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When we first imagined this podcast in early 2019, we didn't know how it would get made. We are grateful to an awesome team of passionate women at the American Center in New Delhi who have supported our vision and made this possible. But, here's the legal bit, the views of our podcast do not necessarily represent the views of the American Center or the U.S. Government. They are ours alone and we apologise in advance for the over-enthusiastic feminist jokes.

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