A podcast on women and work.

With laughs.

Since 2005, the percentage of Indian women in paid work has dropped from 35% to less than 24%, but no one is talking about why. Until we did, and Women in Labour was born (pun intended). 

A comedic take on a serious issue, Women In Labour explores a veritable feast of topics related to women, work, family, power, and everything in between. Why do Indian women do the most unpaid work in the world? Why do we preface our work emails with “I was just wondering...”? Why do we still watch movies that stereotype women's roles? And the big one—what’s keeping us away from India's workplaces?


Join co-hosts Aditi Mittal and Christina MacGillivray on a freewheeling ride with a roster of amazing guests—from cricket presenters to authors to economists—in an attempt to answer all these questions, and more.

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Meet the hosts


Aditi Mittal

Aditi is a writer, director and one of India's top comic talents. She has starred in two Netflix specials and multiple successful global shows. Sharp, cutting and compassionate, Aditi loves nothing more than inappropriate oversharing with people she doesn't know.

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Christina MacGillivray

Christina is an award-winning filmmaker and journalist, hailing from Minnesota and resident of Delhi for over ten years. She works extensively with the UN and is the founder of Mummy Daddy Media. She's also a self-confessed nerd of the highest order.

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Our team

Christina MacGillivray, Executive Director and Host

Aditi Mittal, Executive Producer and Host

Laura Quinn, Executive Producer

Maanya Sachdeva,  Marketing and Content Lead 

Sonakshi Chaudhry, Researcher and Editorial Lead

Nandita Gupta, Creative Producer

Sonali Thakker, Writer

Sarah Chawla (Wild City), Event Curation

A big thanks

When we first imagined this podcast in early 2019, we didn't know how it would get made. We are grateful to an awesome team of passionate women at the American Center in New Delhi who have supported our vision and made this possible. But, here's the legal bit, the views of our podcast do not necessarily represent the views of the American Center or the U.S. Government. They are ours alone and we apologise in advance for the over-enthusiastic feminist jokes.

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